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Pool Cleaning Starting at $65

Tailored Monthly Pool Service

Monthly Cleaning Service Plan

You should always be able to enjoy your pool! That means creating and maintaining a safe and clean swimming environment. Fortunately, our experts at Bespoke Pools can help our clients achieve that. Our highly-trained professionals can help keep your swimming pool clean and operating efficiently, with our monthly cleaning services plan. Below is a list of some ot the monthly services we provide.

*Prices below are an average estimate and are subject to change based on dimensions of pool and environment. 


Full Service: $ 75 - $ 115 /MO Screened
Full Service: $ 85 - $ 145 /MO UnScreened

· Weekly Extensive Full System Check 

· Setting Timers

· Inspect O-Rings

· Weekly Chlorine, pH, and Alkalinity  Testing and Balancing

· Quarterly Testing and Balancing of  Calcium Hardness & Stabilizer

· Cleaning & Brushing Tiles

· Brushing Floors and Walls

· Netting Debris

· Vacuuming

· Inspect & Empty All Baskets

· Clean Cartridge, Sand & D.E.  Filters Monthly

· Salt Cell Cleaning Every 90 Days

· Pools that are unscreened or over 

*additional charges for specialty chemicals, repairs and filter cleanings may apply 

Basic Service: $ 65

  • Weekly check and adjust water Balance.
  • Control Algae and Bacteria Growth.
  • All Chemicals Included 
  • Inspect all Pool Equipment.
  • Check and Treat for Phosphates.
  • Clean Skimmer and Pump Basket.
  • Monthly Clean and Backwash Filter.

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